About 3SI

3SI Security Systems is the industry leader in asset protection for cash, smartphones, electronics, jewelry, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and more. Committed to helping create a safer world, 3SI technology protects and recovers high-value assets, helps police apprehend criminals, and deters future crimes.

For over 45 years, 3SI has protected thousands of locations worldwide. Using GPS tracking and cash tracing, our innovative solutions boast a 70+% success rate, have helped recover over $103 million in stolen property, and led to the arrest of thousands of dangerous, career criminals. Our newer technologies utilize an app-based model to protect financial and retail locations against crime during vulnerable openings and closings.

Our commitment to ongoing research and development means we are continually introducing better, faster, and more efficient technology to drive even higher rates of asset recovery and criminal arrests. When we say “Innovation that Protects,” we mean it. Visit 3sisecurity.com to learn more.